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Rec Soccer 2017-2018

2018 SAA Rec Indoor Soccer registration is Live!

Do you need something for the kids to do over the winter months?  Do you want them to keep active and keep their skills sharp? SAA Rec Indoor Soccer is the answer!  SAA Rec Indoor Soccer plays from January 8th-March 14th and is played at the Schaumburg Sports Center @ 1141 Irving Park Road next to the Schaumburg Airport.  Each team plays 1 game per week and games rotate between Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Socks and a uniform shirt will be provided.  The cost is $110 for Kindergarten - 8th grade and $80 for high school until 12/8/17 and then the prices increase to $135/$105.  To sign up, please visit our registration website.

SAA Rec Soccer Blue Sombrero Registration-2017-18 Season

2018 SAA Rec Spring Fill in Soccer Registration information!

Calling All Players and Coaches:  2018 Spring Fill in SAA Rec Soccer Registration will open on 2/1/18
The SAA Rec Soccer program is a great opportunity to introduce your child to the sport, develop teamwork skills and build lasting friendships. Continue to watch your child develop year after year by registering for 2018 fill in. Be part of the SAA Rec Soccer community! Register early and save. 
Registration Deadlines
Registration Open 2/1/18-3/4/18 $100
Wait list 3/5/18-3/18/18

Last refund request date 3/18/18

Season Dates

Practices can begin the week of 3/26/18, weather permitting
Spring games begin April 7, 2018. 
End of season tournament is June 8-10, 2018 
Kindergarten (coed) and girls play on Saturdays and boys play on Sundays.
Players and coaches are encouraged to sign up early.  
To register, simply click the link below and create an account on Blue Sombrero.  We are using a new registration system, so you will need to create a new account.
We'll see you at the fields! 

Volunteer Options:

Head Coach:  Must be a positive influence and have the safety of the kids always in mind. Some of the duties of the head coach are:

*Conducting practices 2 times per week, (practice dates, times and location are decided between the league and the assigned coach)

*Coach at weekly games

*Work with Assistant Coach(es)

*Work with Team Parent/Manager

*attend coaches training

*Other responsibilities as included in the SAA Recreational Soccer Handbook

Asst Coach:  Must be a positive influence and have the safety of the kids always in mind. The role of assistant coach is to help the head coach with the responsibilities and duties assigned to the head coach.  Assistant coach is also encouraged to attend coaches training, and fulfill other responsibilities as included in the SAA Recreational Soccer Handbook

Team Parent/Manager:  Responsible for coordination of and the communication between the coach/assistant coach and the parents, and management of the slush(snack) fund.  They are also responsible for ensuring that all volunteer duties that their team needs to participate in have a parent assigned, such as, field lining, net set up and take down, snack order and pick-up; and field marshal, along with other opportunities or needs as they arise.  It is expected that the team parent will coordinate with the other parents to ensure that at minimum two non-coaching parents are at every practice from start to finish, this is needed for the safety of all children on a team and so that coaches and assistant coaches can dedicate their time to coaching the players.  

Help my child's team:  When helping your child's team out it is expected that you will sign up for or accept the assignment by the team manager/parent to fulfill the different volunteer needs of your child's team.  Some of the volunteer opportunities include, field lining (1 Saturday/child/season), field marshals (As needed), net set up and take down (After final game that your child played in), and other opportunities that may arise.  The expectation is a minimum 4 hours of time to volunteering.  In addition you will need to coordinate with the team manager to ensure that at least 2 non coaching parents are at each practice from start to finish, this is needed for the safety of all children on a team and so that coaches and assistant coaches can dedicate their time to coaching the players.  

OPT-OUT: You can elect to opt-out of volunteering.  The cost is $50, this money is put towards being able to pay someone to fulfill the volunteer duties of the parent who is unable or unwilling to volunteer. 

Refund Request

Refund Request

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