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SAA Cheer Registration Information

SAA Cheer Registration Information

Registration begins February 20th, 2017

Cheer Fees:
$410 if paid in full at time of registration or $435 if making 2 payments (minimum first payment is $250)
All registration fees are due as described via the online registration forms. 

Registration includes: Registration fee, SAA assessment fee, squad fees, choreographed routine, junior coaches’ compensation, indoor practice facilities, 1 pair of socks (cheer only), 1 season T-shirt, banquet admission and 3 competitions. Pending the squad receiving a state bid, the IRCA State Competition fees are not included in the registration costs. 

Please note: Registration fees cover a portion of our programs operating expenses. The overall SAA Cheer program fundraising monies will help cover additional costs. In addition, parents will have the option to  fundraise to help offset the cost of the program. Information on the different options available will be presented at the parent meetings in April 2017. 

SAA Cheer reserves the right to refuse registration from any participants and/or families that currently do not have an updated account status OR who have repeatedly violated ANY of the parent expectations outlined in the parental conduct guidelines.

Registration Instructions
Please review instructions for registration payment based on how you will be paying at the time of registration. Please make sure that you have clicked on the CHECK OUT BUTTON on your family home screen before exiting to complete your registration.

Payment in Full with Credit Card
When checking out please select the credit card payment option, fill out the credit card information request and click submit. This will complete your registration.

Payment in Full or 2 Payments with Cash or Check at SAA Office
At checkout, select the alternate payment option entitled "Pay at the office" (Cash or Check, mail or bring your full registration payment to the SAA Office). Payment in full or a $250.00 first installment payment is due at the time of registration and must be received before your registration is activated. The second installment may be cash or check (made out to SAA Cheer) and is due at the SAA Office (217 S. Civic Drive, Schaumburg) by June 12, 2017. A $25 NSF fee will be charged for any returned check. 

Payment with Two Payment Plan with Credit Card
This will be a two-step process to insure that you only pay your first installment of $250.00. When you complete your registration, click CHECK OUT and select the alternate payment options entitled “Cheerleading Payment Plan”. Go back to your family profile and you will see your registration in the Pending Invoices section. To pay your first installment, simply click on the PAY NOW link associated with your registration. Please fill in your credit card information and the very last area to fill in will be the amount you owe on the account and in the box you will enter the amount you want to be charged to the credit card. Please note that the first payment of $250.00 is expected at the time of registration to reserve your spot on the roster. The second installment may be cash or check (made out to SAA Cheer) and is due at the SAA Office (217 S. Civic Drive, Schaumburg) by June 12, 2017. A $25 NSF fee will be charged for any returned check.

Should a participant withdraw from the program after the time of registration but before May 12th, a 100% refund of registration fees paid minus a $15 administration fee will be returned. All refund requests must be made in writing to the SAA office. No refunds will be made after May 12, 2017. 

Please contact us with any questions regarding registration at

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