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Procedure for Member Concerns, Questions, or Suggestions

04/15/2015, 9:45pm CDT
By Webmaster

How to express your concerns, ask questions, or provide suggestions to a sport board or the SAA Executive Board.

SAA Members,

All members of SAA are important to the organization and we care about your concerns, questions, and ideas. In an effort to assist members in good standing, the procedures set forth must be followed. Any member who would like to present a concern or has questions about any of the individual sports or SAA in general, please feel free to do so by following procedure in the order below. In the event you are not satisfied with the results, continue to the next step.


  • Contact the league commissioner (if applicable).
  • Contact the Head Sport Commissioner.
  • Ask to be put on the Sport Board agenda for the next scheduled meeting.
  • Attend the Sport Board meeting and present your concerns.
  • Call the SAA office and ask to be put on the General Board agenda for the next scheduled meeting. 

Note: If you have not completed the prior steps, you will be asked to do so before attending the General Board meeting.

Attend the General Board meeting and present the issues/concerns.*
*Please do not expect issues to be resolved at the General Board meeting at the time of your attendance. Your concerns will be documented, investigated, and reviewed. The President or one of the VPs will notify you of any actions taken within 72 hours. We must have time to review all the facts before reaching a solution.

The Role of the SAA Executive Board 
The SAA Executive Board is in place to oversee the workings of the entire organization. It does not write the rules of each sport, however each sport is required to follow the SAA by-laws. The Executive Board consists of the President, 1st , 2nd , 3rd , and 4th Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations, and the Head Commissioner of each sport. The Executive Board's responsibilities are:

  • Review and approve sport budgets.
  • Review and approve sport guidelines/handbooks.
  • General supervision of the affairs of the SAA and act as the main governing body over all programs and activities sanction by the SAA.
  • Set organizational policy, set the rules and regulations governing this organization, and perform such other duties as are specified in the SAA bylaws and policies.
  • Maintain appropriate insurance with annual review.
  • Communicate with the Schaumburg Park District on behalf of SAA.
  • Communicate with School District 54 and 211 on behalf of SAA.
  • Provide office staff to assist members and each sport and keep accurate financial records (all income and expenses are tracked through the office).
  • Implement and update the SAA website (each sport is responsible for updating the contents of their individual sport website).
  • Review and approve proposals submitted to SAA.
  • Develop and implement procedures for administration.

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