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Participant Code of Conduct

04/18/2017, 4:15pm CDT


The Schaumburg Athletic Association expects and demands nothing less than exemplary conduct from all board members, commissioners, players, managers, coaches, spectators and game officials at all S.A.A. functions.  This code of conduct defines what is expected of all players/participants of the Schaumburg Athletic Association.



As a participant of the Schaumburg Athletic Association, members agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and acknowledge that they could face disciplinary action for failing to do so, or for any other conduct detrimental to SAA, including up to a two game suspension without the benefit of a disciplinary hearing.   

General Participant Code of Conduct

Players are expected to follow general rules of conduct as provided by the SAA Code of Conduct. A player that violates any one of the following rules shall be immediately removed from the practice/game with the risk suspension or dismissal from the program. Suspension and/or dismissal is not limited to the sport the violation occurs in and will cross all sports within SAA.

Smoking - any participant registered in the SAA that is seen smoking by a coach or commissioner.

Drinking Alcohol or Under the Influence of alcohol - any participant registered in the SAA that is seen by a coach or commissioner drinking an alcoholic beverage or non-alcoholic beer or is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

Non-prescription drugs or illegal substance - any participant registered in the SAA that is seen using or under the influence of illegal drugs.




This policy applies to all members who participate in any SAA event(s).




SAA Head Commissioners and Board Members

All sport head commissioners and board members are responsible for ensuring that their participants are aware of, and abide by the SAA participant code of conduct.



Contact Information

Schaumburg Athletic Association

217 S. Civic Drive

Schaumburg, Illinois 60193


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