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Code of Conduct

Managers' Code of Conduct

In order to communicate the responsibilities and expectations of managers and coaches in our program, the Board of Commissioners has adopted the following Code of Conduct to be adhered to by each of you. As a Manager or Coach, you should become familiar with it and should also be sure to convey the principles to anyone assisting with coaching the team as well.
1.    Applications for Managers and Coaches (at all levels) will be reviewed annually and approved or declined by the Board of Commissioners. Those chosen are held accountable for their actions to the Board. Being awarded a team one year does not guarantee a team the following year even though you may think so.
2.    Managers are ultimately responsible for the conduct of themselves, their appointed coaches, players, and spectators.
3.    Managers, coaches and parents acting as coaches are responsible for keeping the game as safe as possible by inspecting equipment before, during, and after a game. Equipment found to be unsafe or defective must not be used and is to be immediately reported to the Equipment Commissioner. This includes team and gang box equipment.
4.    Managers and coaches are responsible for clearly and completely understanding the rules of the game by reading and understanding the fast pitch rules in the NSA rule book and league supplemental rules provided in this handbook. T-Ball & Pee Wee rules are listed in this handbook only.
5.    Managers and coaches are responsible for inspecting the playing field before use. Any areas of concern, or areas that could be potentially dangerous to the players, must be corrected prior to the start of any game/practice. These problems are to be reported to the Park District Commissioner.
6.    Managers are responsible for the training, direction, and supervision of the team at games and at practices.
7.    The manager and coach shall at all times conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. The manager shall insist that coaches, players, and spectators refrain from using profanity, exhibiting behavior that is not in accordance with the spirit of fair play, or engaging in any tactics that may tend to provoke, berate, or intimidate the opponents.
8.    Managers and coaches will maintain a positive attitude toward the game officials assigned, and, if in disagreement with rulings made by umpires, ONLY the Manager or acting manager may discuss such rulings with the umpires and only in a constructive manner. Coaches will demonstrate restraint when discussing whether or not a rule has been misinterpreted. Judgment calls may not be questioned at any time.
9.    A manager is responsible to insure that he/she, the coaches, and players are not engaged in the use of tobacco, liquor, or drugs in any form, at any location, from the start of any practice or game until the practice or game is completed. If a parent or any other spectator smokes, please abide by the Park District’s policy that you must be at least 50 feet away from the playing area. People choosing to ignore this policy run the risk of being asked to leave the park by either a Softball Commissioner or a Park District Ranger. Alcohol is not permitted on Park District property. Smoking is NOT allowed on any part of school property. This includes but is not limited to areas such as the parking lot. 10.    The manager must equalize the amount of playing time for each child on the team. Each player must be given an opportunity to try different positions that they want to try, unless deemed to be a safety issue. At some point in time the manager/coach may be asked their explanation on this matter.
11.    The manager is responsible for reporting any unusual or unsportsmanlike conduct at games to the League Commissioner immediately following a game.
12.    The manager is responsible for getting all current information to the players and parents on his/her team in a timely manner.