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League Rules Overview

For Handbook and Rules visit:

Position Restrictions:
Pitchers - 2 inn/game
Fielders - 4 min, 2 infield, 1 outfield
Playing Time - Equal
Exchange Lineups - Yes

2 5/8 Max.

Game Details:
6 Innings (3.5)
Umpires - SAA Sponsored
Time Limit - 2 hours
Inning Run Limit - 4, unlimited 6th
Bases 60, Mound 46
Unlimited - no home

10U Fields

Dooley West
Located at the corner of Norwood and Lowell, southwest of Weathersfield and Salem Rds.

Dooley East
Located behind Dooley School at the corner of Lowell and Norwood, south of Weathersfield between Salem and Braintree.

Both fields are located at the north east corner of Weathersfield Rd and Braintree Dr.  Masimo is on the corner and Weathersfield is a block east of the corner.

Josh Lorang