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2019 Flyer Tryouts

Schaumburg Flyers Travel Baseball

2019 Tryouts

Schaumburg Flyers will have open tryouts for the 2019 season in July. The teams below are allowing open tryout sessions with coaches of the Flyers. Existing and potential players interested in travel baseball are welcome.

Click here for age level commissioner information.  

Residency Rules

The Schaumburg Flyers program has made changes in 2017 to provide opportunities to all families to become a part of SAA and the Schaumburg Flyers program. The program has eliminated its previous rule on residency for all teams in the program.

Registration Link

Registration link can be used from the main page of the website or click here.


Age Clarification

Players are welcome to try out for their age appropriate level or above.  Players age levels are determined by their age as of May 1st of the 2019 year. 


A player that is 12 years olds as of May 1st, would try out for 12U team. 

A player that is 11 years old as of May 1st but turns 12 after, is considered a 11U player.  

2019 Tryout Dates and Times

Date Team Location Time Type
July 21st & 28th 8U Polk East 9:00 AM Tryout
July 21st & 28th 9U Polk East 10:30 AM Tryout
July 21st & 28th 10U Polk East 12:00 PM Tryout
July 21st & 28th 11U Polk East 1:00 PM Tryout
July 21st & 28th 12U Polk West 1:00 PM Tryout
July 28th 13U Polk West 9:00 AM Tryout
July 17th & 19th 14U Polk West 6:00PM Tryout
See Below 15U Polk West See Below Tryout
See Below 16U Polk West See Below Tryout

15U and 16U by Appointment Only

15u & 16u by appointment only.  Please contact jcalabria1973 for 16u / for 15u

Unable to Attend Dates?

If you will not be available for the above tryout dates please contact to setup an early tryout. Tryouts will be held on earlier dates for those that are vacationing, out town, or simply can not make the above dates due to personal reasons. There is no cost for tryouts. Players can arrive at anytime during the tryout day if they can not make the scheduled time for their age. Players will get evaluated regardless of age if tryouts are still being held on that day. Walk up registration is available at tryouts or you can register at baseball. All players that make each team will be notified within 24hrs of the tryout. Our goal is to have a minimum of 2 teams at every age level so we encourage all interested players to attend.