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Rec Soccer General Information

SAA Rec Soccer General Information

Leagues are organized as follows and all children will be assigned to teams based on their grade in school.
Kindergarten-5 year old Coed Instructional League
1st Grade Boys Instructional League
2nd Grade Boys Instructional League
1st-2nd Grade Girls Instructional League
3rd Grade Boys League
4th Grade Boys League
3rd-4th Grade Girls League
5th-6th Grade Boys League
5th-6th Grade Girls League
7th-8th Grade Boys League
7th-8th Grade Girls League
High School Coed League

Kindergarten and Girls' teams play on Saturday. 
Boys' teams play on Sunday

High school games will be played at 3:00pm on 
Saturday or Sunday.
All games are played at Atcher Park 

The Fall season begins with practices in mid August, games start the first weekend after Labor Day with the final outdoor game played on the last weekend of October. 
The Spring season begins with practices in late March and games on the first weekend in April and ends in early to mid June with a tournament.


Playing 4v4 promotes lots of action, more touches on the ball and better skilled players.


Small pictures are clearer for kids and space and options are more compatible with their abilities. 4v4 has all the elements of a real soccer match without any of the confusion of learning to play soccer.


4v4 provides all the parts that make up a soccer game-one player is up top for penetration, two are needed for width and one holds back to supply depth.  The responsibilities are very clear.


Improved technique & skills with far more touches on the ball.

Fundamental building blocks of control, passing and shooting skills are emphasized.

Number of passes is increased and the one-touch control, one-touch pass, sequence is used all the time.



·         Greater opportunity to play more meaningful minutes.

·         Involved in the game, with or without the ball, much more than in a full-sided game, creating more chances for learning and improvement.

·         Reading the game and decision making is a benefit from playing small sided games.

·         More opportunities to score goals

·         More exposure to offensive roles

·         More exposure to defensive roles

·         More opportunities for creativity

·         Playing 4v4 promotes player development at all levels of the game



·         Better skilled players at all levels

·         Faster thinking players at all levels

·         Better understanding of dynamics of soccer “Triangle, diamonds, etc.”

·         More overall interest in soccer by players and parents

·         Playing a fun game