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Club Communication

Looking for Club Information?

Teams are using the SportsEngine App for team communications.  The app can be downloaded from the Google or Apple App Stores
Follow us on Facebook: Page name "Sports Club United"
Be familiar with our club website:
Board Contact Page:
Soccer Staff Contact Page:

Need to contact Coach?
If you have questions about playing time, our soccer curriculum, training/match absences, injury updates, and season schedules please contact your coach. I oversee our coaching staff and our development program, so feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions as well.

Soccer Staff Contact Page: 

What about 360 Skills?
If you have questions about 360 Skills training program please email Coach Jose (

Questions about payments?
If you have any questions related to finances/payments please contact Jon Grossman (

Is my kid registered?
If you have any concerns about league registration, please contact Liz Maltz (Boys Admin, or Chrisy Tang (Girls Admin,

How do I order a jersey?
If you have questions related to uniforms, contact Amy Hibbard (Uniform Coordinator,

How do I raise funds for my kid?
If you have questions related to fundraising, contact Sarah Grossman (Fundraising Coordinator,

If you are unsure of who to contact, please feel free to email ( and Angel Phelps (Head Commissioner,