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Executive Board

SAA Executive Board Members for the 2018-19 Term

Don Watson - SAA President

I am a 20+ year resident of Schaumburg who has been actively involved with SAA for over 15 years.  I’ve enjoyed coaching my two sons as a football and baseball coach for 10 years and have been a member of the football board equally as long.  I have also participated on the basketball board as their webmaster for two years.  Most recently, I have served on the SAA Executive Board as the 4th and 1st Vice President with the responsibility of Webmaster and overseeing a number of technology initiatives.  Over the last four years I have been honored to serve as President of the Schaumburg Athletic Association.

As a long time resident of Schaumburg, and a long standing member of SAA, I would like to continue supporting the community and the youth sports organization that my children enjoyed as they grew up.  I have a record of accomplishment in my years on the Executive Board and I look forward to taking part in SAA’s ongoing strategy to provide Schaumburg and its surrounding communities with the best youth sports services in the area.

Bill Shanahan - First Vice President

Brian Hensgen - Second Vice President

I have been involved with the SAA Recreational Soccer Program since the fall of 2012 when I began coaching my son's teams.  In 2012 I joined the Rec Soccer Board as a league commissioner.  In my time on the board I have held positions as a league commissioner (1/2 Girls and kindergarten) and coaches education. In my time, I've updated the kindergarten program to the point of where it is now following the recommended guidelines of Unites States Soccer Federation and Illinois Youth Soccer Association.  I'm now consulting with other league commissioners looking to do the same with their leagues. I've also recruited many of the coaches we have involved in today's program and continue to foster and develop their growth within the game and the program.  

I've also coached T-Ball with SAA for one year as well as being a wrestling coach outside of the organization.

I'd like to join the executive board because I believe the organization is a very important part of the community and I'd like to help continue with tradition of providing the best recreation athletic opportunities for the children of our community.  Having experienced the success of our recreational soccer program, I'd like to expand my horizons and help with other programs as well.


Don Watson

Don Watson

President (Term Ends 12/31/19)

Phone: 847-352-7422

Bill Shanahan

1st Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/19)

Maria Gibson

2nd Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/17)

Trish Dunbar

3rd Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/18)

Paul Herbert

Treasurer (Term Ends 12/31/18)

Dave Piecuch

Secretary (Term Ends 12/31/18)

Nikki Morini

4th Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/18)


Geoff Moore

Recreation Soccer Head Commissioner (Term Ends June 2019)

Jason Bogner

Travel Soccer Head Commissioner (Term Ends 6/30/19)

Jake Wilson

Baseball Head Commissioner (Term Ends August 2019)

Cory Deshazer

Travel Baseball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 10/1/18)

Kevin Pasquarelli

Softball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 8/31/17)

Frank Hill

Travel Softball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 7/31/2019)

John Calabria

Football Head Commissioner (Term Ends 12/31/17)

Al Costa

Volleyball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 1/31/2019)

Lisa Edeus

Cheerleading & Poms Head Commissioner (Term Ends 11/30/17)

John Durkin

Basketball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 6/30/18)

Jason Sarna

Lacrosse Head Commissioner (Term Ends 9/31/2017)