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Nike SPARQ Training

Speed agility training consists of developing various athletic skills.  Blackline Athletic trains athletes not only to be faster, but to be more explosive and aggressive on the field; simulating and rehearsing game-type situations, regardless of which sport or activity.

Training speed and proper footwork done through repetition - Reinforcing proper movement patterns, motion paths and motor function, especially in juniors. In essence, you are “re-wiring” the brain’s neuromuscular system to operate correctly with proper mechanics and movement efficiency.    

Training athletic explosion is matter of training the athlete to effectively use their core strength, transitioning from a confined or restricted movement, into a free sprint and accelerating.

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If you would still like to join the Fall SPARQ program please contact us at




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Fall SPARQ Program Changes

SPARQ Participants,

Due to low enrollment in our General SPARQ training program, we have decided to merge the two programs and offer only the Basketball SPARQ training for everyone.  The two programs are similar and both provide your child with the same speed and agility benefits, however the Basketball SPARQ program is more tailored to the conditioning needs of basketball players.

Training will begin tonight at 6:15 pm at the Dirksen Elementary School Gymnasium.  Please arrive a few minutes early so the Blackline coach can check everyone in and get started on time.  The kids should come prepared with a good pair of gym shoes and plenty of water. 

If those of you who registered for the General SPARQ training still wish to receive a refund, please contact the SAA Office at with your request.  

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing everyone tonight at 6:15pm.

SPARQ Time Change

Beginning on September 18 all fall SPARQ sessions will begin at 6:30pm 

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