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Handbook and Rules


There have been questions about the proper bats to use for each level, and what bats to purchase (if you are looking to do so) in order to comply with any rules/regulations.


Little League, which is an official state ran program, is what most of the rules are based off of. Some towns are part of the LL organization, and some are not, SAA is not. Though we tend to follow some of the same rules. As of this year the LL bat rules have changed, and those towns in the LL system are following those rules. The entire reason for the change can be found here:


At SAA, however, we will transition to these new rules in 2 years time, meaning beginning of 2020 Spring season. If you purchased a bat recently that doesn't meet the new guidelines, you will get two solid years (Spring and Fall Seasons) out of those bats before you need to purchase a new one. 


We are doing this for two reasons: 1, we want to follow the national change to wood bat-like standards, for safety. 2, our N60 teams play a lot of other towns in LL programs and in tournaments that will use these bat rules and we need to also or we can't play them. N60 teams will get SAA baseball funded bats that meet this requirement in each equipment bag so that when the situation arises at a tournament, or a game against a LL town, they will have the proper bats to use.


For those of you looking to purchase bats, you want to look for bats with the USA stamp. The current SAA rules (for the next two years) and from the past used bats with USSSA stamps. It's confusing, but they are completely different. You can find the information from USSSA on the new bat direction here:


Most stores carry nothing but USA stamped bats, you have to dig to find USSSA bats. So it won't be that difficult to obtain a new bat that will comply starting 2020.


So what this means for those of you with USSA bats, you have to comply with the current rules for bats in SAA, which is:

6U- bats must say tee-ball on them

7U/8U/9U/10U - 2 5/8" diameter barrels allowed with USSSA stamps, or smaller, no drop limit (a drop limit is the difference in the bat length minus the bat weight)

11U/12U - 2 5/8" diameter barrels allowed with USSSA stamps, or smaller, wood bats are allowed

13U/14U/COLT- Metal bats must be BBCOR certified and -3 in size. Maximum barrel is 2 5/8" & Wood bats are allowed.


In 2020 we will be changing to the following bat rules:

6U - bats must say tee-ball on them

7/8/9/10U - 2 5/8:" are allowed with USA Stamps or, 2 1/4" any stamp, no Drop Limit. 

11/12U  - 2 5/8" USA stamps no drop limit

13/14U  - 2 5/8" USA stamps drop 5 limit

Colt - BBCOR drop 3


In Summary, we will be transitioning with the rest of youth baseball in the United States, but that transition period will be 2 years. Comply to the current rules or new rules until 2020, then it will be the new rules going forward.