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Executive Board

Candidates for the Executive Board

Below are the candidates for the SAA Executive Board for 2019 & 20.  

Secretary - Lisa Edeus (pending acceptance)

Treasurer - Steve Schwer 

Third Vice President - Trish Dunbar

Fourth Vice President - Nikki Morini 

Since all candidates are running unopposed, no elections will be held in October.  Terms for incoming Executive Board members will begin January 1st, 2019.



Don Watson

Don Watson

President (Term Ends 12/31/19)

Phone: 847-352-7422

Bill Shanahan

1st Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/19)

Brian Hensgen

2nd Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/20)

Trish Dunbar

3rd Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/18)

Paul Herbert

Treasurer (Term Ends 12/31/18)

Dave Piecuch

Secretary (Term Ends 12/31/18)

Nikki Morini

4th Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/18)


Geoff Moore

Recreation Soccer Head Commissioner (Term Ends June 2019)

Jason Bogner

Travel Soccer Head Commissioner (Term Ends 6/30/19)

Jake Wilson

Baseball Head Commissioner (Term Ends August 2019)

Cory Deshazer

Travel Baseball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 10/1/18)

Kevin Pasquarelli

Softball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 8/31/19)

Mike Maciejewski

Travel Softball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 6/30/2020)

John Calabria

Football Head Commissioner (Term Ends 12/31/19)

Al Costa

Volleyball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 1/31/2019)

Jennifer Henchel

Cheerleading & Poms Head Commissioner (Term Ends 11/30/19)

Kathie McNamara

Basketball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 4/30/20)

Jason Sarna

Lacrosse Head Commissioner (Term Ends 9/31/2019)