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Executive Board of Directors

Meet Our SAA Executive Board Candidates

Nikki Morini

Candidate for SAA President

I have been part of the SAA community for 17 years. I served as a Manager/Coach/Commissioner/Vice President on multiple boards. I run a successful Concession Stand, implemented a Point of Sale/inventory system, established a soccer program all athletes with intellectual, emotional, and or
physical disabilities and established the SAA Volleyball program.

I am driven by watching children have fun, grow and succeed in their development. I am a leader, developer and organizer that can take any portion of a program to success.


As the Concessions Stand Commissioner, I serve over 1000 customers on a game weekend. I also establish a Point of Sale/inventory control system that has been identified as the example of what all SAA sports should do. I am responsible for 15 youth employees that I train and develop. I ensure they are ready for the next steps, including other part time employment or even college.

I implemented 2 new programs in SAA.

SAA’s TOP Soccer Program

a program established by US Youth Soccer that is a training program for all athletes with intellectual, emotional, and or physical disabilities. The program strives to provide the opportunity of soccer for players to develop at their own pace in a safe, fun, and supportive/inclusive environment.

SAA Volleyball

I want to continue moving SAA forward as the leader in One Mission, One Goal, One Family by utilizing my skills in leadership to continue to bring us as One SAA

Jake Wilson

Candidate for SAA President

I coached an SAA tee-ball team for the first time in 2014, became a tee-ball league commissioner for SAA baseball in 2015, and took over as head baseball commissioner in 2017. I have always been a leader, and president of honor’s societies in college (University of Iowa, Northwestern University). I’m an engineer, detail oriented, and a good communicator. I am a strong believer in youth sports and how they shape our children into team players for the future.

Why I want to be SAA President:

I think I can bring a new, younger perspective to the organization, with the ability to always mediate and come to a middle ground on all situations. I have the organizational and communication skills needed for such an important role. I strongly believe in SAA, what it means to the community, and how it helps our communities' children grow as individuals through the years. Looking at the High School kids, returning parents to the area, or anyone that was in SAA in the past, they are happy with what they learned from SAA, they are proud to have been part of SAA, and I see a legacy there that I can help build on.

Brian Hensgen

Candidate for 2nd Vice President


Don Watson

Don Watson

President (Term Ends 12/31/19)

Phone: 847-352-7422

Bill Shanahan

1st Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/19)

Brian Hensgen

2nd Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/20)

Trish Dunbar

3rd Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/18)

Steve Schwer

Treasurer (Term Ends 12/31/20)

Richard Say

Secretary (Term Ends 12/31/20)

Nikki Morini

4th Vice President (Term Ends 12/31/18)


Geoff Moore

Recreation Soccer Head Commissioner (Term Ends June 2019)

Angel Phelps

Travel Soccer Head Commissioner (Term Ends 6/30/21)

Jake Wilson

Baseball Head Commissioner (Term Ends August 2019)

Andy Schmidt

Travel Baseball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 10/1/20)

Kevin Pasquarelli

Softball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 8/31/19)

Mike Maciejewski

Travel Softball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 6/30/2020)

John Calabria

Football Head Commissioner (Term Ends 12/31/19)

Stacie Carter

Volleyball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 1/31/2021)

Jennifer Henchel

Cheerleading & Poms Head Commissioner (Term Ends 11/30/19)

Kathie McNamara

Basketball Head Commissioner (Term Ends 4/30/20)

David Gloff

Lacrosse Head Commissioner (Term Ends 9/31/2021)