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Coaches Corner

Program Objectives, Goals and Overview

The SAA Girls' Recreational Softball Program exists solely for the purpose of providing a wholesome summer recreational activity for young ladies ages 5 through 19. As an essential part of this purpose, we are committed to the instruction of the participants in the proper skills required to play the game of softball and to the teaching and modeling of good sportsmanship. Please note, our softball program uses and operates under the guidelines of the Schaumburg Athletic Association. The travel portion of our program has a separate handbook that addresses the different policies and procedures that are specifically related to travel. They still, however, use and operate under the guidelines of the Schaumburg Athletic Association.

The recreational program is open to ALL girls who are between five years of age as of September 1, 2013 and nineteen years of age as of January 1, 2013. For late registrations, residents shall be afforded the opportunity to participate prior to non-residents if space is available. This does not apply after registration for a certain league has been closed. Non-residents shall be eligible to participate if space is available. Space is defined as fields available and not the number of teams in a particular league. Participation in one year by a non-resident shall not guarantee participation in a subsequent year. A non-resident’s participation in a subsequent year shall always be subject to availability due to registration of residents. Note: A resident is defined as a person who resides within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Schaumburg Park District, School District #54 and #211, Schaumburg Township, or the Village of Schaumburg.

•    Continue to find ways to improve the program for softball players •    Provide instructional clinics for both players and coaches throughout the year •    Require the managers to maintain equipment quality •    Report field conditions to the SAA Softball Park District Commissioner in a timely manner •    Foster clear communication between commissioners, managers and parents •    Keep the players, parents, managers/coaches and community informed of all activities within our program •    Promote the use of the SAA website, Officers Overall program supervision resides in the Head Commissioner, nominated and elected by the current members of the Board, managers and outgoing Head Commissioner for a two-year term pursuant to the By-Laws of the Schaumburg Athletic Association. All of the above mentioned members of SAA Softball will be informed of the nomination. If other nominations are made, an election will be held. To be eligible for nomination, a person must have served a minimum of 2 years on the Softball Board. The Head Commissioner appoints members to a board, constituted as he or she sees fit, for the purpose of assisting in the administration of the program for the upcoming season. It is both the right and duty of the Head Commissioner to replace any board member, team manager, or other program assistant, he or she believes is not performing the assigned duties and responsibilities of his/her position in a manner consistent with the objectives of the program or the expectations of the Head Commissioner, or is in any way considered to be detrimental to the program. If the Head Commissioner position is vacated during his/her two year term, the position will be filled per the following process: A)    When a vacancy occurs, the Assistant Head Commissioner of the sport shall assume the role of Head Commissioner until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the sport board. B)    At the next regularly scheduled meeting of the sport board, the vacated office will be filled by a majority vote of the sport board, subject to approval of the SAA Board of Directors. C)    The New Sport Head Commissioner of the sport shall serve in an “Interim” basis for the remainder of the current season. D)    For purposes of this section, each season begins with the second regularly scheduled sport board meeting after the final game or match of a season is completed. E)    Fulfilling a vacancy for the remainder of the current season will not count against the total term limit. F)    An election in accordance with Section 4 and 5 of Article VII of the SAA Bylaws will be held at the end of the current season. G)    If the vacancy occurs after the final game or match of a season and prior to the second regularly scheduled sport board meeting, an election in accordance with Section 4 and 5 of Article VII of the SAA Bylaws will be held.
Sponsors are an essential part of our program budget. Each team will be responsible for securing at least one sponsor in the amount of $150.00. If a sponsor is not obtained, the fee will be collected by charging each team member the amount needed to cover the sponsor fee. Example: $150 divided by the number of players on the team equals the amount that must be paid per family. Sponsor money is due on or before the date listed on the calendar of events. Failure to obtain a sponsor or collect said fees from parents may result in the loss of field privileges. Sponsor request forms will be included in each manager's packet. Please see that these forms are turned in on time. In return for this sponsorship, each sponsor will receive a team plaque to be displayed at his/her place of business. In addition, the sponsor's name will appear in the SAA July Scoreboard newsletter. This newsletter is Emailed to all families in the SAA. Finally, sponsors' names will also be announced at Opening Ceremonies.
A minimum of one parent per registered player will be required to volunteer time for the team. The Manager will receive a list of players on his team at the Manager's meeting. He/she is then responsible for conducting a parent meeting, and they will at that time stress the importance of our volunteer policy. All parent meetings are to be done live and in person not by e-mail or phone calls. All parents are required to volunteer at some time over the course of the season. The manager is responsible for completing the volunteer sheet provided with mandatory positions to be filled. Do NOT change dates or times provide for concessions and do NOT add dates/times. You may have a list of other jobs for which you need volunteers. Please feel free to add them to this form, however, you must fill the concession times assigned first. Once completed, keep one copy for your records and return the balance to your league commissioner. SAA Softball concessions are done at Veterans Park only. Policy: No games schedules will be provided to the managers until both sponsor and volunteer form is turned in. See the calendar of events for due dates.
The Manager is responsible for all equipment assigned to his/her team. Equipment is the largest part of our annual budget. Therefore, we ask everyone to please treat all equipment as if you paid for it yourself, because in reality, you did. Equipment must be turned in clean and dry at the end of the season. If you cannot turn in your equipment on one of the dates provided to you due to vacations or work schedules, you must contact the equipment commissioner prior to those dates to make arrangements. Managers who do not turn in their equipment could face a one year suspension from coaching. (See #6 of SAA Policies in this handbook.) Important Note: Helmets and catchers equipment are shared among the teams. Please report any type of contamination, such as lice, strep, etc. to equipment commissioner so the equipment can be immediately replaced, resulting in minimal exposure.
Players are required to wear the complete uniform provided to them at all games. Uniforms shall be worn in the proper manner with shirts tucked in. The complete uniform includes; shorts, socks and jersey. Visors are optional during play; however, we recommend for safety reasons that you encourage the players to wear them. If a visor is worn, it MUST be the visor provided with the uniform. Bandanas, handkerchiefs, headbands and the like are not approved headgear. Players may wear scrunchies or tie-ups if worn in good taste and not worn in a derogatory fashion. A player will not be allowed to play in a game without their complete uniform. During inclement weather, long sleeve shirts can be worn under the jersey. Jackets can be worn over the uniform but must be zipped or snapped closed. The uniform cost is included in the registration, so the players do not return the uniforms.
The Schaumburg Athletic Association has a secondary medical insurance policy that is designed to help families that have no insurance of their own or minimum coverage. The parents' insurance policy is expected to cover any accidents. In the event of an injury during a softball practice or game only, if a parent has no insurance and wishes to file a claim with SAA, the manager should contact the Head Commissioner to obtain a form. Please note: The family will be responsible for the deductible. The appropriate paperwork must be submitted within 30 days to the SAA office. The insurance covers league scheduled practices and games only.
1.    No sport shall authorize or allow the use of SAA mailing lists, labels or any SAA stationary or postage to promote other companies or organizations. Flyers can be distributed through the board members or managers/head coaches to the participants. No promotion in this manner can be made mandatory to any member. 2.    Distribution of team lists to anyone outside of the SAA is strictly prohibited. 3.    Phone numbers for children participating in SAA are not to be listed at any time or in any location on the SAA website or individual sites for teams registered with SAA. 4.    Alcoholic beverages shall not be provided by SAA on any occasion. 5.    Any SAA officer, director, sport commissioner, coach or team manager who places an order, enters into a contract or otherwise assumes a financial obligation not previously authorized by a Sport Board or the Executive Board in connection with an SAA sport, activity or function shall be personally responsible for any portion of said financial obligation not paid by SAA. 6.    All SAA coaches and team managers are personally liable for and are required to return all SAA equipment assigned to or purchased for their team at the end of the season on or before the deadline set by the Equipment Commissioner. Any coach or team manager failing to return their assigned and/or SAA purchased equipment shall be obligated to pay the retail value of the equipment. This paragraph does not apply to normal usage loss or wear and tear of lesser equipment items.
Opening Day Ceremonies and Picture Day are held on the same date (check calendar of events). Please note that Senior Picture Day is held on a separate date (check calendar of events). You will be notified by a commissioner as to the location and your assigned time to be present for your team pictures. Please be sure that your team arrives 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time to help make things run smoothly. This team picture will appear on the sponsor's plaque for your team. Envelopes are included in your manager packet. Please remember to bring them with you as the extra supply on hand may be VERY limited. Printed rosters will be provided on picture day by the league or photographer. It is your responsibility to communicate all information to your team. FIELD USAGE All practices and games are scheduled during times that are allocated for the exclusive use of SAA Softball. The field permits that you are given are proof of this allocation and should be kept with you at the field. If someone or some group fails to leave the field after showing them your permits, please do not escalate the event, simply inform them that you will call the park ranger. The park ranger’s number is 847-490-2505.
In the event that one of your players should be injured during a game or practice, first find out if the parent is present and then let him/her take over. If no parent is present and the injury is of a serious nature, call 911 for assistance. DO NOT attempt to move the injured player. Your job is to comfort the injured player until qualified personnel arrive. You will be supplied with accident reports, which must be filled out for any injury that removes a player from the practice or game. Return this report to your League Commissioner within 24 hours. If an ambulance is required at the field you must call the Park District Commissioner immediately after the emergency has been handled. A player with a pre-existing medical condition that requires medication (example: asthma) must have that medication with her at all times during practices and games. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their child gets the attention needed and is there to administer any medication. Coaches are not responsible for administering medication.
The SAA Girls' Softball umpire program is available to anyone 15 years and older. Anyone under the age of 16 must provide a work permit. This is a paid position, and availability will be required on a regular basis. Umpires will be required to know the SAA rules for each league, as well as NSA and IHSA rules for the Senior league. Umpires are also required to attend two or more clinics and purchase the appropriate umpire uniform. Further information regarding the umpire program may be obtained by contacting the Umpire In Charge.
In the spirit of sportsmanship, all managers must adhere to the following guidelines: 1.    Girls will get the opportunity to play all fielding positions. We need to develop pitchers, so you are expected to give all players the opportunity to pitch. For the purpose of defining playing positions/rotation an infielder is pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and shortstop. 2.    Teach the players to play each position. 3.    No player is to sit out 2 innings until all players have sat 1 inning, no player is to sit out 3 innings until all players have sat 2 innings, no player is to sit out 4 innings until all players have sat out 3 innings, and so on. This rule applies to both the regular season and the end of year tournament. ELIGIBILITY 1.    Only players who are registered with the SAA Girls' Softball Program and are not playing travel softball in any program will be eligible to play on a team. Any girl found to be playing on a travel team during the in-house season will be removed without any refund. A player's eligibility will be restricted to the league for which the registration was filed, with the only exception being as authorized by the rules for substitute replacements. A player will not be considered registered until the SAA on-line registration form has been completed by either her parent, legal guardian or herself if she is 18 years of age or older, and registration fee has been remitted. 2.    Children not registered to play softball cannot practice or participate in games with any team. 3.    All incoming T-Ball players must be five years old by September 1,of the seasons year. A Birth Certificate must be provided at registration.

1.    All SAA players will wear full catcher's gear, as required for that league, whenever playing the position. Batters, base runners, and player-coaches will wear batting helmets with snapped chinstraps when on deck, at bat, on base or in the coaches' boxes. 2.    Team Managers will receive a team roster based on the parent’s on-line registration information. Even though the parents agreed to a medical wavier form on-line the Manager must also obtain a signed medical release form from the parents of each player (forms provided), prior to the first practice. The manager must bring them to all practices and games. 3.    ALL jewelry is prohibited and may not be worn during games or practices. Earrings, pins, and all types of bracelets are considered jewelry and are prohibited. However, if there is a medical reason why earrings cannot be removed, they must be taped. The tape is to be inspected by the manager prior to the start of a practice and by the manager and umpire prior to the start of a game. 4.    Medical bracelets are allowed, but must be taped. Wristbands can be used to cover them as well. 5.    Players that have a medical condition that is currently being treated or requires long-term treatment, must provide a written physicians release allowing them to participate in the sport. This is in addition to the normal registration medical waiver. 6.    Any player warming up a pitcher must wear face protection. This includes practices, before, during and between games. 7.    Any player coaching a base must wear a batters helmet with snapped chin strap. 8.    No spectator under the age of 18 may coach a base. 9.    No metal cleats are allowed. Note to families: Pets in the Park … please use good judgment when bringing your pets to practices or games. During the times the teams are scheduled at the park, the focus is on the game of softball and the players. Keep this in mind as you determine if your pet will be a distraction or a danger to players.

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