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    Nomination Period Open for SAA Executive Board Positions

    SAA Community,

    Are you interested in how SAA is ran? It's all by Volunteers. The executive board is comprised of nominated and elected individuals from the SAA community and each serves a 2-yr term in the position. This Dec/Jan we have 5 board position terms starting anew and nomination periods are open. The criteria is that the nominated individual must have served 2 years on any SAA sports board.

    The nomination window is now open through Nov 1st, 2022 for the following positions:

    Exec VP1 - Social Media/Marketing

    Exec VP3 - Disciplinary/Building Maintenance

    Exec VP4 - Fundraising/Sponsorship

    Exec Secretary

    Exec Treasurer

      SAA Account Update

      Earlier this month all users were sent an email from Sports Connect informing you that the next time you log in to your SAA account you will be prompted to replace your user name with a valid email address. BE SURE TO USE THE EMAIL ADDRESS CURRENTLY ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR SAA ACCOUNT. You will also have to create a new password, the password must contain a minimum of 8 characters, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 special character.

      A link will be sent to your email address for verification purposes. Please click HERE for step-by-step instructions.


      IL is in Phase 5

      IL has moved into Phase 5!

      NOTE: Masks are no longer required. Mask usage is up to individual preference of any participant or spectator at SAA sanctioned events. SAA DOES NOT control facilities, parks, venues where in those private properties and/or organizations require mask usage. SAA asks that our patrons be respectful and follow mask rules in these instances.

      Guideline information:

      The IL DCEO ALL Sports Policy for play during our mitigations and phases can be found HERE

      The IDPH Regional Status and main homepage for all phase and tier information documents can be found HERE

      SAA Message to the Community

      SAA Community,

      On behalf of all SAA officials, volunteers, and families we thank everyone for being so diligent, respectful, and safe through this last 15 months of COVID-19 Pandemic rules and procedures that surrounded youth sports in the state of IL. All of you are the reason we are open again in this state, and that we are finally able to let our kids get back to doing what they love.

      Best Regards,

      Jake Wilson

      SAA President

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      SAA now has online gift cards. Purchase a gift card for a friend or family member to help them pay for any SAA sport registration.

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      SAA News

      Having issues with our website or registration system? Please let us know. Click on the link below and complete the support form. Someone from SAA will look into the problem and get back to you shortly.

      This support link is only for support with our website, registration system or technology related issues. Please contact the SAA Office at 847-352-7422 or at with billing, invoice or other issues related to your account.

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