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Coaching Information

2017 Coaches Info

New rules:

1. Kickoff may go in ANY direction.

2. Build out line for 1st to 4th grade.

3. No punting by the GK for 1st to 4th grade. 

4. No throw ins for Kindergarten, kick ins only. 

Offside Video for Parents

Rec Soccer Build Out Rules

Coaches Concussion Information

Coaches please complete the 30-minute concussion course and

print out a copy of the concussion fact sheet for coaches. Below are some more informational documents on concussions to use for players, parents, and coaches.

Concussion Course Link

Coach & Parent Forms

You'll need to have two forms filled out by the parents and kept with you for the games and practices, Code of Conduct and Medical release Waiver. You can find a copy on the Forms Tab.

Remember To Sign Up For Rainout (Parents and Coaches)