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Membership Dues

2024-2025 Membership Dues

Be sure that you know what is included in your fees when comparing programs.

Are tournaments included?  Is Winter training included?  Answers to these questions can lead to a difference of hundreds of dollars.

We host our own tournament.  This offers opportunity to raise money.

We offer very successful fundraising events.  Some players have been known to subsidize their entire dues on fundraising.

Here is a fee summary.  More details in the table below.

Junior Academy: $200 Fall, $200 Winter, and $200 Spring.
Youth Boys & Girls U8: $1,260 full season
Youth Boys & Girls U9-U10: $1,390 full season
Youth Boys & Girls U11-U14: $1,520 full season
Youth Boys & Girls U15 (8th Grade): $1,520
HS Girls U15-U18: $1080 Fall and Winter season (Reduced Rate for Seniors)
HS Boys U15-U18: $1080 Winter and Spring season (Reduced Rate for Seniors)
Transition Program Boys and Girls U8-U10: $615-$880 full season

We offer Payment Plans so you do not have to pay full dues at once.

Multi Child Discount: $350 per child for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. child in the program

Uniform Kit: Is not included in the membership fees.  A link to the team store will be provided once you are assigned to a team. We purchase new uniforms every two years.  Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 is year one for the new uniform kit.  Returning players in 2024 - 2025 will use the same kit.  If you have a uniform from the first year of the uniform cycle, a new uniform kit will not be required.

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