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Club Philosophy

Club Philosophy

Our club philosophy has been designed with consideration and targeted towards creating a learning model that will provide age specific development.  Our general philosophy for the various age groups identifies major components of learning and guides our approach to teaching.

U9-U10 Philosophy

Our youth U9-U10 program has been created to allow for age appropriate technical development. Our program will seek to develop individual skills of our players and to provide a nurturing environment, which is conducive to proper age appropriate learning. Our players will be guided by knowledgeable coaches who will be focusing on developing good soccer habits. Players will be introduced to the basics of passing, dribbling, and receiving the ball. Our mission will be focused on maintaining proper skill development and establishing good playing habits. The youth philosophy will focus on eliminating the bee hive soccer and “boot it” mentality that has come to define youth soccer.

U11-U12 Philosophy

For these players it is our goal to create an environment that is both fun and geared towards learning.  From the U11-U12 age groups we will be focusing on developing:

  • technical skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, heading, trapping, and improving overall ball control.
  • awareness of 1 versus 1 situations and understanding of small sided games.
  • physical fitness, agility, speed, and coordination.
  • Interpersonal skills associated with being a good teammate and sportsman.
  • good habits that will enable players to be successful as they move on to the advanced game.
  • basic understanding of proper position specific roles.

U13-U18 Philosophy

For these players it is our goal to create an environment that mirrors the competitive nature of the advanced game.  From the U13-U18 age groups we will focus on developing:

  • game-speed technical abilities associated with combination passing and dribbling.
  • tactical awareness of small sided game situations.
  • overall player and team communication.
  • tactical understanding of team formations.
  • complex technical skills an tactical awareness associated with small and large sided games.
  • advanced skill development for position-specific players.
  • advanced strength, fitness, and speed skills training.